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Valencia Flooring

William Kirsch

Flooring Installation

I’ve been in the flooring business for over 50 years. I started working at the young age of 13. At that time, I found my calling.

It’s my passion to help beautify my customer’s homes. Once they enter my store, they leave as my friend. Growing up in the family business, I’ve learned to do it the old-fashioned way.

Customer service – customer service – customer service.

I joined the VIP Professional Networking Group to help increase my customer base and to boost up my sales. I went online looking for a superior networking group and boy did I find one.

I decided to go to their meetings, and they opened their arms up to me. Every business person there are extremely professional and know what they are doing, and yet the meetings are also a lot of fun. I’ve found my home. Thank you VIP.