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Bay Alarm

Jason Mazy

Jason has been training for over twenty years perfecting his fitness system with every session. Today, his program integrates high-intensity interval training, weight lifting, resistance training, TRX suspension training, kettlebells, stability training, and boxing fundamentals to ensure his athletes are always seeing new results. His mantra is personal and professional: “Core. Is. Everything.”

A firm believer in maximizing mobility, he utilizes exercises that use concentric, eccentric, and isometric ranges of motion along the frontal (side-to-side), sagittal (back-and-front), and transverse (twisting) planes of motion. Jason doesn’t have a box you can put his training style into. Each program is designed specifically for that person. Being educated and certified in every aspect of the fitness industry to assure being able to provide results to any demographic of clientele that walks in the door. Jason takes pride in helping to make a healthier community in the SCV by training people to achieve their goals and beyond at MBS Training facility. One thing you can guarantee during your time with Jason is lots of fun while working to your full potential.